Quest giver: Supply Soldier Mr Bab

Level range: 1


Turn around and head down the hill. Take an immediate left to reach Blacksmith Levara. She will have your additional armor waiting for you.


Supply Soldier Mr Bab:

It’s nice to see you. How is Gripan doing? I’ve been rather busy due to this supply shortage. Without sufficient new supplies we’ve had to begin repairing old stock. It is all due to the vast number of new recruits. We never used to recruit new soldiers but General Oliver sent the order to begin recruiting again.

[Player Name]:

Thank you. I will pick up the armor.

Supply Soldier Mr Bab:

The situation must be truly dire if we are demanding money for military armor! Please, try to understand. In the future, come to me for arrows or healing remedies. And be sure to check the Elf tradesman for other items that might come in handy. Now off to Blacksmith Levis, she probably has the armor waiting! See you later!

Reward; (This may depend on your race)

Experience: 7EP.

Small bow,Akra-Gantha or Arrow