Where can I get info about my guild? Summary To activate the guild window click G. The window shows a summary of all the guild information like number of members and areas and offers the possibility to donate experience and in-game money to the guild. You can donate money to the guild, but you cannot take it back. You can also get to the guild messages Announcement via this window. Guild messages can only be written by guild leaders. The guild leader can also post new announcements here with the button Create new free space. These will also be shown below in the guild window. List If you click on Membership list on the register a list of the guild members will appear. You can switch back and forth between four lists. Two of the lists are an overview of normal members and mercenaries. The lists show you how much a member has already donated for a guild. The last two slots show the title and the online status of the member. The other two lists are a summery of the PvP-activity of the guild, a weekly summary and a summary of the current day. All of your victories against opponents in PvP-battles will be listed here. Areas Below the register territory you can get information on the status of the conquered areas. The individual conquered targets are grouped by color. Next to the names of the conquered areas are the names of the guilds that conquered the targets as well as the fraction of the area. The same information is also listed about the individual castles. If you go over an area with the mouse you can view in the tooltip when the next conquest is scheduled for.