Quest Giver: Pandeon Missionary Durandal

Level: 2


Talk to the mystic Al Saura, who is located in front of Levara, the blacksmith. She will explain how to convert the sealed objects found during Monster Hunts to their original form.


Durandal: If you click on me with you right mouse button and select "return settings" in the menu you can sue the return skill window and come back here at any time. But beware that it takes quite a long time until you can use this skill again. So use it when absolutely necessary.

Player: Yes.

Durandal: To give you more belief in the Goddess Rhea, I am going to give you another piece of useful information. If you hunt down monsters you may sometimes be able to capture the Goddess' tear or a sealed object. The Mystic Al Saura will be able return these to you in their original form. Talk to her and listen to what these objects are all about.


8 Experience Points

Soldier's Iron Armor, Natural Leather Chest piece, Antique Hard Leather Hauberk or Hunting Shirt.