Quest giver: Blacksmith Levara

Level range: 1


Administrator Moldun will register you for apprenticeship and the entrance examination for the Lonbaley Legion of General Oliver’s White Troop. You can find him up the hill to your right.


Blacksmith Levara:

When equipping items, you will see a image of a person with weapons at the bottom center of the screen. Mouse over the image to check the item’s durability. If it drops to 0%, the item will no longer be useable and must be returned to me for repair.

[Player Name]:


Blacksmith Levara:

Behind me stand two men, craftsman Luzz and refiner Astin, who are responsible for smelting and refining objects. They will help you with your equipment in the future. Now it's time for you to find Moldun and register for your apprenticeship. Good luck!


Experience: 6EP.

Vitality potion and/or Mana potion