Quest giver: Master of Explosives Gripan

Level range: 1


In preparation for the entrance exam into the legion go to Mr Bab in the Lonbaley training camp and get your weapon.


Master of Explosives Gripan:

Welcome! Before we have finished your training I will transform you into a great hero of Iberia. Afraid? Only you can decide if you will fight or run. You can move using keys W, S, A and D. [Player Name], we must prepare you for the entrance exam into the Lonbaley Legion. You must first acquire a weapon from Mr. Bab, the supply soldier. To find him, turn around and head to the road directly across from here, then up the hill to the right. Look for the caravans…

[Player Name]:

I'll do it immediately

Master of Explosives Gripan:

Hmm... Very good! You seem to be ready. Before we start the entrance exam we have to warm up a bit. Cross here, then go left up the hill next to the house and meet up with Mr Bab, the supply soldier. You can follow the yellow question mark at the top right of the map. When you have finished your preparations you can start the exam. I like the mad sparkle in your eyes.


Experience: 7EP.

One-handed Sword,Wand,Clipeus or Shortsword.